February 6, 2017

Hello 2017!! I know, this post is long overdue. This past year has definitely been one of the best, but also busiest years yet. I shot a ton of weddings, travelled for work and pleasure – Texas (twice!), Panama, Calgary (twice!), San Fransisco, Nova Scotia, and Jamaica.

Over the last year I’ve been wanting to keep up with regular blog posts to refer back to personally and also thought you may enjoy seeing what I’m working on. However, I quickly realized with my workload, I wasn’t able to keep it up. I recently brought my sister, Shauna, on board to help me manage and update my website. We’ve spent the last couple of months refreshing my website and posting a bunch of new weddings, events and editorial pieces I shot over 2016. I’m really proud of them all and I was able to incorporate some new techniques I’ve learned over the last year.

I can’t believe how much is already on the agenda for this year, but I’m excited for what I have planned and want to share it with you. So I’m hoping with some added support I’ll be able to keep you updated with what’s new with me.

I’ve included in some pictures as a little recap of 2016. Hope you like them!



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